Terms and Conditions for Meal Plans

Definition of Terms:  The College of Charleston offers a wide variety of meal plans to meet every lifestyle. Each meal plan includes guaranteed meals in designated on-campus locations which currently include:  Liberty Fresh Food Co., City Bistro and Marty’s Place.  Dining Dollars may be combined with the plan for use in on-campus retail food facilities which currently include:  Einstein Brothers Bagels, Chick-fil-A, Market 159, Starbucks in the Addlestone Library, Stern Center Food Court and P.O.D. Express located in the Education Center, Maybank Hall and Rita Hollings Science Center.  The student ID card (known as the Cougar Card) is used to transact both meal plans and Dining Dollars.

  • All Access plans provide unlimited meals for the student and are non-transferable. 15 guest meals are included with All Access plans.  Meals expire at the end of the semester.
    • Maroon Meals (MM) are predetermined customized meals available at Einstein Brothers Bagels and select concepts inside the Stern Center Food Court.  Students with All Access plans receive 7 Maroon Meals each week.  These meals reset every Saturday.
  • Meals per Week plans provide the student a specified number of meals per week.  A week is defined as Saturday breakfast through Friday dinner.  Any remaining meals at the end of the week will expire.  Meals are non-transferable.  15 guest meals are provided with these plans.
  • Meals per Term plans (also referred to as Block plans) provide a specified number of meals per semester. All unused meals from any Meals per Term plan expire at the end of the semester. Meals may be extended to a guest.
  • Dining Dollars is a credited dollar amount allocated on the student ID card which can be used at any of the on-campus dining locations. Dining Dollars can be added to the student’s account anytime during the semester via the eBill link on MyCharleston or the Cougar Card office.  Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester until the student graduates, withdraws or takes a formal leave of absence through the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence.

Billing:  For students residing in campus housing, meal plans are billed by semester and assigned by academic year.  The meal plan selected for an initial term is the default plan for the subsequent term.  For non-residential students, meal plans are billed by semester and assigned by semester.  The meal plan selection may be changed until 5:00 pm on the last day of drop/add each semester. Monday, August 31, 2020 is the deadline for the Fall 2020 semester.  After the last day of drop/add, the meal plan remains in effect for the entire semester.  Meal plans or Dining Dollars are an itemized charge on the student bill.  Students or authorized users are responsible for reviewing meal plan charges applied to the student bill.  After conclusion of the drop/add period, a meal plan may no longer be charged to the student bill.  Payment must be received at the time of purchase in Cougar Card Services.

Freshmen Living in Campus Housing:  First time entering freshmen (regardless of credit hours) and transfer students classified as freshmen upon acceptance by Admissions, who live in campus housing, are required to purchase a qualifying College of Charleston Freshmen Resident Plan. Cancellations are not permitted unless the student’s request has been approved according to the Medical Modification Procedure found at https://charleston.campusdish.com/-/media/Local/Higher-Education/GroupB/Charleston/Files/Allergy-Info/Medical-Modification-Procedure-update-11,-d-,4,-d-,19.ashx?la=en&hash=6FF1BC7C131E4997D54E314FA049C56F1B7F6996.   

Meal plan rates are subject to approval by the College of Charleston Board of Trustees.  Meal plans options and rates are posted on the Dining Services website, http://charleston.campusdish.com/.  Note: All fees listed are subject to change at any time.

Cancellation:  Meal plans may be changed to an alternate selection or cancelled until 5:00 p.m. on the last day of drop/add. Requests to change or cancel must be received in person or in writing by the Office of Cougar Card Services.  Change forms are available on the Dining Services website or in Cougar Card Services.

A student will be released from the meal plan if a complete withdrawal, leave of absence or transfer to another institution is completed with the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence.  Or, if the student withdraws from all classes by the stated deadline for withdrawal with a grade of “W” as posted on the academic calendar for the semester.  Refunds of the meal plan fee will be prorated.

A student will be released from the meal plan if he or she is academically ineligible to return.  Students are responsible for contacting Cougar Card Services, cougarcard@cofc.edu to request a refund.

A student will be released from the meal plan for Study Abroad, National Exchange or full-time internship.

Cancellation of the housing contract or removal from campus housing does not automatically cancel meal plan enrollment.  If the student no longer wishes to participate in the meal plan, the student must make a written inquiry with Cougar Card Services, cougarcard@cofc.edu

Receipts and Statements:  If the point of sale terminal is equipped to provide receipts, the cardholder will either receive a receipt as a matter of course or upon request.  Meal plan and Dining Dollars balances may be checked at the time of use.  The Cougar Card portal, accessible to the student from MyCharleston, provides account statements for a 12 month period.  Activity statements for board meals and Dining Dollars listing all transactions will be generated upon request at Cougar Card Services. 

Refunds of Unused Funds:  Refunds of unused Dining Dollars will be issued to students who are graduating or have been granted a leave of absence or withdrawal by the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence.  Cougar Card Services will refund the account balance only after receipt of a written request.  No refunds will be issued for account balances less than $10.  If the student has a direct deposit account on file with the College, the refund will credit directly to that account; otherwise, the College of Charleston will mail a check in the amount of the remaining balance to the cardholder at the permanent address on record with the College.  Cougar Card Services reserves the right to close any account that is inactive for 18 months or more.  Unused meals remaining at the end of the term will expire and are not eligible for refund.  In the event the College of Charleston is closed due to a weather event, natural disaster or other emergency, meal plan fees will not be refunded for the period of closure.

Terms of Service:  Dining Services suspends service for the following College breaks: Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, Spring Break and Graduation. Meal plans are not accepted during these times; however, College restaurants may be open for business during these breaks. These locations will gladly accept cash, Cougar Cash, Dining Dollars and credit card transactions. Holiday schedules are posted on the Dining Services website and at each dining location.

Dining Hall Attire:  casual, comfortable attire may be worn in College dining facilities.  However, students without shirts, shoes with soles, or wearing only bathing suits will not be admitted.

Second Helpings:  Unlimited seconds on all food items are available at each meal session in Liberty Fresh Food Co. and City Bistro.  Meal plan users have the option of eating their meal in the dining location or taking their meal to go, but are not permitted to do both during the same meal session.

Misuse of the Cougar Card:  The Cougar Card is non-transferable.  It is a violation of the College of Charleston Student Code of Conduct to use a Cougar Card belonging to another individual.  Unauthorized use, tampering or alteration may result in confiscation and or disciplinary action.