Cougar Cash and Dining Dollars

The Cougar Card becomes a personal debit card when you open a Cougar Cash Account. The Cougar Cash Account allows you to draw on pre-deposited funds to purchase products and services on campus. To make a purchase, simply present your Cougar Card at any participating location and the funds will be withdrawn from your account. You can access your balance and transaction history using the Cougar Card Portal or obtain a complete account statement at Campus Services HQ. To open a Cougar Cash Account simply make a deposit using any of the methods described.

Cougar Cash Accepted Here

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars can be used for food purchases from on-campus dining locations and select vending machines. All meal plans come with a pre-set amount of Dining Dollars and more can be added at any time. 

Cougar Cash vs. Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are just for food in campus dining locations or select vending machines, whereas Cougar Cash can be used for dining or any other participating location.

If a cardholder has both Dining Dollars and Cougar Cash, food purchases always come from Dining Dollars first, then Cougar Cash. If Dining Dollars run out, food purchases will be deducted from Cougar Cash automatically. Vending purchases are deducted from Cougar Cash first, Dining Dollars second. 

Making Deposits

Students, Authorized Users and employees can easily make deposits to their Cougar Cash or Dining Dollars accounts online, by mail or in person.


Electronic checks and all major credit cards may be used. Deposits are not subject to a convenience fee and will be available within two hours.

  1. Go to MyPortal (
  2. Click on the eBill tile
  3. Maximize the window to be able to see all options
  4. Go to the Deposits tab, select the term, and Cougar Cash or Dining Dollars
  5. Enter the amount and preferred payment method
  6. Confirm to process

By Mail

With a check or money order to Campus Services HQ, College of Charleston, 66 George Street, Charleston, SC 29424. Please mark the item with the student’s name, student ID number and Cougar Cash or Dining Dollars.

In Person

Campus Services HQ
162 Calhoun Street
Service Hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Deposits may be made using cash, check, money order or major credit card. Funds will be active immediately.

Card Value Center
Addlestone Library
Deposit as little as $1 for immediate use. Only cash is accepted at this location.

The College of Charleston is prohibited by law from performing banking transactions and therefore cannot make full or partial refunds to students still enrolled in school. Cash may not be withdrawn from the Cougar Cash Account and the card will not function as an ATM card.

Account Features

EasyIt’s easy to start a Cougar Cash Account by simply making a deposit.

Safe. Carrying the Cougar Card is safer than carrying cash, checks, ATM or other cards. Your account number is not printed on the card.

AutomaticTransaction time is fast and your funds roll over from semester to semester and year to year.

Savings. There are no monthly service charges or fees, and there is no required minimum balance.

Account Closure

Cougar Cash or Dining Dollars accounts will be closed if the cardholder ceases to be a student at the College of Charleston. Campus Services HQ will refund the account balance after receipt of a written request from students who are graduating. Upon completion of the proper paperwork, Campus Services HQ will be notified by the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence for those students taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the College. No refunds will be issued for account balances less than $10. Refunds will be issued via direct deposit if an account is set up with the Treasurer’s Office. If direct deposit is not set up, a check will be mailed to the primary address on file or as stated in the request. The College of Charleston reserves the right to close any account that is inactive for 18 months or more. Balances in accounts that are inactive for more than 18 months will be reclaimed.


The Cougar Card Agreement Form can be reviewed at Campus Services HQ when the first card is obtained. It describes the terms and conditions of the Cougar Cash Account.

The Cougar Cash and Dining Dollars Refund Form is used to close a Cougar Cash or Dining Dollars Account when the cardholder ceases to be a student at the College of Charleston.